By John-Michael M. Keyes
Buy the Book What they're saying This book will set you free and above the rest... if you aren't afraid of remembering storytelling, the kind that grabbed your attention before you learned to read.

Fred C.

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Last year, I had just come off a presentation that had been relatively well received, but which deep down I knew "sucked." Watching John-Michael's presentation I knew that I needed to make a change and I immediately ordered the book. Well, the book simply blew my mind. While I never imagined putting a presentation together could be so much work, I also did not appreciate the degree of impact a good presentation could have on an audience.

I've presented using this style at 3 major industry conferences and have developed over 5 presentations using the style. This book has truly been a game changer and a huge competitive advantage for me, and I've only scratched the surface.

Abe K.

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Harness the Ancient Power of Presentation "Presentation" is the most powerful communication strategy humans have ever deployed. Part storytelling, part performance, part props and part pictures, presenting to an audience is an ancient art. Yet, "Death by PowerPoint" has become the norm.

The Ancient Power of Presentation has been lost in blue screens and bullet lists. This book is about regaining your cultural roots. About tapping into the most powerful communication method known to mankind. About relearning the Ancient Power of Presentation. And it uses science to do it. Not some fuzzy anecdotes or squishy feelings. Cold, hard, clinical science.

Whether you present in the boardroom, the ballroom, the classroom or the conference room, this book reveals a combination of simple, practical explanations and easy to understand examples. You will gain quick access and rapid insight into making your next presentation a better presentation.

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What you will see This visually compelling, artistic, beautiful book is designed to give you clear instruction, side by side examples, and a precise vision of how to deliver better presentations.

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What you will Learn From guerilla typography to cognitive science, Carpe Audience distills essential multi-media learning theory into a practical, hands-on guide to developing better presentations. You'll see how PowerPoint is not a teleprompter. PowerPoint is not your presentation. PowerPoint is not your handout. You'll learn how to defeat bullet lists.

You'll learn about cadence, and stories, and crayons. And you'll come out of this book understanding audience needs and how to fulfill them. The other thing to keep in mind with this book is that creating and executing great presentations takes work. If you want a simple-answer, silver-bullet, just-do-this, guide to excellent presentation creation and delivery, this isn't the book for you.

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Keynote Presentations If your conference focuses on leadership, professional development, communication or education, Mr. Keyes provides a 45 - 90 minute keynote on the concepts provided in Carpe Audience.

Other keynote presentations, by Mr. Keyes, include topics relavent to educators, law enforcement and victim advocates. These presentations are conducted through The "I Love U Guys" Foundation and suggested rates and grant opportunities are available through the foundation.

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Corporate Training If you are interested in corporate training, please contact The Keyes Firm, LLC. The firm offers a two day workshop, with a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.

The agenda includes the Carpe Audience presentation, a recent presentation using the Carpe Method, a review of your company's presentation templates and recent presentations, transformation of an existing company presentation into a story, retooled info-graphics, and hands-on retooling of existing slide decks. Over the course of the workshop, participants will create and deliver presentations using the Carpe Audience method.

Prior to the workshop, presentation templates and recent slide decks must be provided to the firm. In the absence of a properly equipped computer lab, all participants are required to have a laptop with a recent version of either PowerPoint or Keynote.

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Custom Presentation Development If you are interested in custom presentation development, The Keyes Firm, LLC. is happy to assist. But. the firm isn't interested in simply transforming a slide deck for someone not practicing the "Carpe Way."

Be prepared for a critical breakdown of your presentation, the firm looks at your presentation, your desired outcomes and your story to see how to create a better presentation for you. And you need to be prepared to provide an audio, or video, or transcript of you delivering a recent presentation or rehearsal. It doesn't need to be Hollywood, simply an adequate capture of your presentation.

One last thing about contracting the Keyes Firm. We're not cheap. And you have to buy and read Carpe Audience before we even begin a conversation. Really, without understanding the background and philosophies expressed in the book, the agency/client relationship may be problematic.

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